At home they call me a nerd. Started in 1995 in the IT for the Dutch Royal Navy and worked my way up to Professional Service Consultant for a software vendor (Ivanti).
Born and raised in Amsterdam and moved 1998 in to Alkmaar. After 18 years living in Alkmaar we moved to the United States of America to work for RES Software Americas. After the acquisition by Ivanti we moved to Colorado Springs in Colorado.

As Professional Service Consultant I build solutions for our customers with the software in Ivanti’s portfolio. With my in-depth knowledge of the products:

  • Ivanti Automation
  • Ivanti Identity Director (Identity and Access Management software)

I build mostly On/Off Boarding and/or Password Reset solutions for customers. The On/Off Boarding solutions requires integrations with external business applications. Working with the integrations, mostly API orientated, I learned the last 2 years scripting in PowerShell.

I provide inspiration and brainstorm sessions with the customer in which I translate the functional requirements and wishes into the best technical solution. I give workshops, make high level designs (HLD) and implement the solutions.

Besides the old RES Software products I work with:

  • Ivanti Security Controls (formerly known as Patch for Windows)
  • Ivanti EndPoint Management (EPM)
  • Ivanti Xtraction
  • Ivanti Service Manager (ISM) – basically integration with Ivanti Automation
  • MobileIron

I do my job with passion and love working with the technology of tomorrow. I am very eager to learn and do everything what’s possible to keep up with the latest developments. I also love to share my knowledge with others and give back to the community, partly for that reason I started in 2021 this blogsite on which I post “how to” and “step-by-step” blogs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn you can also send me an email at: sander (at) automatedvision (dot) info.

Ivanti Certifications

  • Master Certified Consultant in Ivanti Identity Director
  • Master Certified Consultant in Ivanti Automation (Q1 2021)

Mobility Certifications (MobileIron acquired by Ivanti)

  • MobileIron Account Executive Fundamentals
  • MobileIron Account Executive Advanced
  • MobileIron Cloud Fundamentals
  • MobileIron Cloud Advanced – Architecture
  • MobileIron Cloud Advanced – Authentication


The publications and views expressed in this (blog) website are my own personal opinions and are by no means associated with my employer.