Code Signing Certificates

When I started scripting in PowerShell for customers I started to like scripting. So I also started learning C#. Ok this is a little bit harder to learn then PowerShell scripting.
When a customer requested an integration between Ivanti Security Controls and Nutanix I build a nice PowerShell script with API connections. When I showed this to the customer they were a bit disappointed because it was only script and not based on GUI.



Download and Install OpenSSL for Windows

In this blog we describe the installation of OpenSSL for Windows.

What is OpenSSL

Open SSL is an all-around cryptography library that offers open-source application of the TLS protocol. First released in 1998, it is available for Linux, Windows, macOS, and BSD systems. OpenSSL allows users to perform various SSL related tasks, including CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and private keys generation and SSL certificate installation.

Most of the Linux distributions come with OpenSSL pre-compiled, but if you’re on a Windows system, you can get it from here. (more…)