Backup daily Unifi DreamMachine (Pro) to local drive or network share

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the internet was down when I woke up. When I checked the Unifi DreamMachine it turns out it was completely crashed. When I tried to restart the DreamMachine it hanged during the boot process.
The only option was completely re-installing the DreamMachine and restore the backup. But after re-installing the firmware all backups stored local were overwritten and not available.
I needed a PowerShell script to copy the latest created backup to a local drive or network share. Check the blog how to enable SSH and AutoBackup on the UDM(-Pro)/DreamMachine and how to copy the latest created backup file to a save location.



Code Signing Certificates

When I started scripting in PowerShell for customers I started to like scripting. So I also started learning C#. Ok this is a little bit harder to learn then PowerShell scripting.
When a customer requested an integration between Ivanti Security Controls and Nutanix I build a nice PowerShell script with API connections. When I showed this to the customer they were a bit disappointed because it was only script and not based on GUI.