Bulk import Ivanti Automation Global Variables

Ivanti provides many Ivanti software or 3rd party software connectors for Ivanti Automation on the Ivanti Marketplace (https://marketplace.ivanticloud.com/). Most of the connectors use Variables and need to be created before a connector Task is used in a Module.
This blog describes how to create Global Variables by importing in bulk from a CSV file with Ivanti Automation. This blog includes the Building Block for Ivanti Automation which can be found at the end of the blog.



Ivanti Automation Dispatcher WebAPI Tool

The Ivanti Automation Dispatcher WebAPI Tool helps you with creating complete PowerShell scripts to execute Modules, Projects, and Runbooks. Other options available are resolving Agents and removing Agents, and resolving jobs. More Dispatcher WebAPI features will be added to the tool in the future.


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Backup daily Unifi DreamMachine (Pro) to local drive or network share

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the internet was down when I woke up. When I checked the Unifi DreamMachine it turns out it was completely crashed. When I tried to restart the DreamMachine it hanged during the boot process.
The only option was completely re-installing the DreamMachine and restore the backup. But after re-installing the firmware all backups stored local were overwritten and not available.
I needed a PowerShell script to copy the latest created backup to a local drive or network share. Check the blog how to enable SSH and AutoBackup on the UDM(-Pro)/DreamMachine and how to copy the latest created backup file to a save location.